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Aug 18 2012

Bungee Jumping on the First Day

The first day of school.

I got to school at 6:45, which is amazing to me in comparison with previous years and considering the fact that I had been in PA Friday-Sunday.

I was excited. I wasn’t truly nervous.

The students were so quiet.

As always, I WAY overplanned, at least for homeroom. I got through about 40% of my planned lesson with them, and 60% of my planned lesson with the other classes.

Somehow, I ended the day with some notebooks left over. Praise God.


The highlight of my day? A child I’ll call “V.”

He is a charming, funny fellow that I’ve heard about from the 4th grade teachers. He immediately connected with me and participated in class, which is hard to do on the first day.

Towards the end of the day, I felt like I knew him from somewhere, more than just seeing him around in the 4th grade. This was our conversation:


Me: “V, where do I know you from? Were you in Ms. C’s homeroom, the one I visited often?”

V: “No, I’m F’s brother, remember her?”

Me: “Oh my gosh! You totally are! You used to walk home with her and I’d see you from my car, and didn’t you come help me in my room sometimes with her?”

V: “Yep!”

Me: “Wow. How is she? Is she excited for 7th grade?”

V: “I think so. Hey, you know what? We went bungee jumping this summer at the fair.”

Me: “That’s pretty cool.”

V: “Yeah, you want to see the video? I brought it for you.”

*pulls a CD out of his backpack, hands it to me*


On the first day of school, V gave me a hilarious video of him bungee jumping. What kid brings that kind of thing to school the first day? An awesome kid, that’s who.


V was the brother of one of my first students, F, who really blossomed despite shyness and transferring in the middle of the year.

V used to visit my classroom in 3rd grade, sit, read, and color while his sister F helped me in my room.

Amazing. Love it. Perfect end to the first day.

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